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Part cleaning with solvents or an aqueous base

Hydrocarbon cleaning systems ensure the highest purity in the cleaning of machined workpieces and thus offer the best conditions for optimum quality.

With the use of non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols, we can achieve the highest quality of components and lowest environmental impact.

The cleaning service is accomplished with state-of-the-art technology such as part or full vacuum, pressure flooding, filtration or ultrasound depending on the application needs. In these ways we provide today’s cleaning requirements with regard to remaining dirt and particle sizes, as well as grease and absence of oil.

Part cleaning with hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons are very good solvents for oil and grease and are therefore particularly suitable for the cleaning of oily components. The load bearing behavior of particles from a particle size of 150 microns is good.
Hydrocarbons as a solvent can be very environmentally friendly since the plant circuit hermetically closed.

Part cleaning with a modified alcohol

The property performance and environmental protection of modified alcohol in comparison to hydrocarbon and water is an approximate average of the two.

Part cleaning with water

Metallic particles from a size of about 50 microns. Aqueous parts cleaning is suitable for particularly difficult residual dirt, however it is not so suitable a process for the degreasing of components or breaking the surface tension of the cleaned components.
From an ecological point of view aqueous cleaning compared to a cleaning with solvents is at a disadvantage, since the cleaning water in the circuit can only be used for a short time and then must be replaced.

Preservation and corrosion protection

Preserving with nano- or thin-film technology is used mostly for short-term preservation of oxidation critical components. In this case, an invisible (dry) layer of 4-8µm thickness is applied to protect the components.
For transport or for a few days of intermediate storage the components are protected against moisture.

As an alternative to the nano-film coating for corrosion protection, we also use VCI films, oil-liners, oil absorption or vacuum seal packaging.


Our components are distinguished by our well-known quality. All components are perfectly protected and packaged before being received by our customer.
We are not only experts and specialists in surface processing but also in the handling and packaging of sensitive and complex workpieces. Whether or not your parts come with vacuum packaging, mechanical protective packaging, corrosion protective packaging, KLT-packaging, separation packaging, blister packs or individually packaged, please do not hesitate to contact us so that together we can find the best and most economical packaging for your workpieces.

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