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Vibratory grinding, filleting or radiusing, deburring and vibratory polishing

Tumbling or vibratory grinding is a divisive manufacturing processes for surface and edge processing of usually metallic workpieces.

The workpieces are put together with abrasive particles (grinding stones), water and various chemical additives as bulk material in a container. Through an oscillating or rotating movement of the working container a relative motion between the workpiece and grinding body is created, causing material is removed, especially at the edges. The surface quality of the components, the roughness, the material removal and the deburring performance achieved by the machines varies greatly with the addition of different abrasives, additives and processes which we can match to your needs.

With vibratory grinding we can reach 0.1 to 0.01 Ra and Rz surface qualities. This deburring process is very cost-effective, as we can process high component quantities with our modern grinding machines.
Varied amounts of material gently removed, defined surfaces and edges for every component can be achieved.

We can therefore develop a customized process for each component and work with anything from from single parts to large-scale series production.

The difference between tumble / vibratory grinding and brush deburring

Vibratory grinding
Brush deburring

Very low costs for very large quantities
Low cost with varied quantities

Very small to medium-sized component sizes
Suitable for small to very large components

Aqueous process
Aqueous or oily process

Particularly well suited for irregular shaped components
Particularly well suited for flat components

Edge radius can also be produced in confined areas
Risk of blockages of the grinding body in tight spaces

Dents are difficult to avoid with heavy components
Dents in individual parts can be reliably prevented

Multi-stage processes are time-consuming for fine surfaces
Multi-stage processes are easy to implement for fine surfaces

The perfect know-how during the deburring process

Vibratory polishing, abrasive belt grinding and brush deburring – each of these manufacturing techniques is used to remove any burrs created by surface processing for technical components.
We can offer whichever of these processes are best suited for your components and needs, thanks to years of experience and continuous further development of our skills. We can machine the surfaces of almost any material with our grinding, polishing and edge rounding processes.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you!

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