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Laser Marking – a universal tool

Laser marking is an excellent tool for all materials. Metals such as stainless steel, tungsten carbide, aluminum, gold, silver, bronze, platinum, copper or even ceramic can be labelled with the laser directly. Also plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate and nylon are perfect for a crisp label.

Your advantage: Surface micro-machining and laser engraving from a single source – In KIFFE.

Robust direct marking

Laser marking is abrasion, heat and acid-resistant. Depending on the setting of the laser parameters certain metals (steel, stainless steel or titanium) can be marked without noticeable holes on the surface.


Engraving implements a powerful laser beam that vaporizes the material of the components selectively and thus engraves the components. The Laser removes 0.020 mm (20 µm) in depth for each character.


In this case no material is removed, but by means of a laser beam the surface is heated for a short period of time, which then darkens and changes the colour of the material.

We can produce the finest engravings with the highest precision to distinguish your workpieces from the competition.

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