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Lapping is the gentlest of all the grinding processes. The lapped surface of the components has no so-called micrograph but a silky homogeneous surface without grinding furrows.

The advantages of Lapping

In the lapping procedure a lapping plate is pressed onto the workpiece which is constantly covered in lapping fluid in which abrasive particles are suspended. The lapping plate is then rotated at low speed to achieve the desired surface.

In accordance with DIN 8589 the lapping process is a finishing process.
Through lapping, sharp edges are developed on the workpieces that are commonly burr-free. Therefore, the final manufacturing step for many parts is omitted, which protects the surfaces of the components and the cost-effective production of flat surfaces on all materials.

Lapping also means very low levels of tensions released from the material, therefore no deformation of the lapped surfaces. The mechanical and thermal stress during the processing is particularly low. Lapping is a so-called cold processing method. There is no better processing method for machining sensitive parts. This is another significant advantage of Lapping.

Particularly fine surfaces

Flat surfaces with a very high surface quality, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness and extreme close dimensional tolerances can be achieved thanks to our highly specialized machines and trained employees.

The achievable roughness greatly depends on the material of the components and the Lapping abrasive at about Rz 5.5 to 0.8 and during the polishing Lapping to Rz 0.1.

With our contactless laser measuring devices we can measure for flatness, thickness and roughness. We can also measure the most sensitive components without contact and therefore maintain the highest surface quality.

Perfected Lapping Technology

For over 20 years we have been lapping components for a wide range of Industry areas (hydraulics, pneumatics, fine mechanics, optics, mechanical engineering, etc.), in which high surface quality and very low dimensional tolerances are required. Sensitivity and innovative thinking is part of our know-how.

Product examples for large parts

Product examples for medium-sized parts