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Fine grinding, macro grinding and flat honing

Fine grinding and flat honing are special grinding processes for high-precision components. The workpieces are typically ground between two grinding wheels in batches. The fine grinding and flat honing are double flat surface grinding processes in which both sides of the workpieces can be processed simultaneously.

The grinding wheels consist of bonded hard abrasive particles which are in constant surface contact between the component and the grinding wheel during the grinding process. This creates a gentle and cooler grinding process, with the surface of the workpieces loaded only to a very limited extent. It results in a very high dimension, shape and surface quality.

Microfinishing – Excellent quality

Through the sequence of grinding in batches in comparison to continuous grinding the grinding time for each individual component is increased. Although not the total output of the grinding machine. This is an extremely good combination of high efficiency and low processing costs along with achieving excellent component quality.

Particularly fine surfaces

For flat surfaces with a very high surface quality and fine surface roughness, the best form accuracy and close dimensional tolerances can be achieved by fine grinding and honing, thanks to our highly specialized machines and trained employees.

The achievable roughness varies depending on the material of the components and the grinding wheel configuration at about Rz 5.8 to 1.0.

Materials capable of fine grinding and flat honing.

Through the use of special grinding wheels almost all materials can be fine ground:

  • Soft, hard, tempered and hardened Steel
  • Stainless Steel (V2A, V4A, INOX),
  • Carbides
  • Titanium, Magnesium, Nickel Silver
  • Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper)
  • Plastics (hard, fiber reinforced, CFRP carbon fiber reinforced polymer, GRP fiber glass)
  • Glass, porcelain, ceramic (ZrO2, AlO2)

The difference between fine grinding and flat honing

The two processes will differ primarily in the structure of the grinding wheels. In flat honing the grinding wheels generally used are made of aluminum oxide. For use in manufacturing, costs are favorable and show a normal wear and tear.
When it comes fine grinding, vitrified bonded grinding wheels with super abrasive CBN or diamond grinding grains are usually used. These grinding wheels are quite expensive but have very minimal wear.

Product examples for large parts

Product examples for medium-sized parts

Product examples for small parts

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