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Disc grinding, Double disc grinding and Double-sided continuous grinding

Double-sided grinding or Double disc grinding is used for machining of mass-produced components.

With Continuous grinding, yields of up to 8000 pieces/h can be achieved.

Disk grinding / Double disc grinding or Double-sided grinding or Double-sided surface grinding is a grinding process in which the components are driven between two grinding wheels by a transport disc. Parallel opposite surfaces of the workpiece are ground at the same time. In doing so, the workpieces are machined to the respective requirements in the continuous, grooving or oscillation grinding process.

The unique compact and rigid machine configurations of the Double-sided continuous grinding machines ensure a high production efficiency and thus precise components with short cycle times and low cost.

The difference between Disc grinding and Fine grinding

Disc grinding
Fine Grinding

Very low costs for very large quantities
Low costs for small and medium quantities

Medium component sizes
Also suitable for very small and very large components

Good parallelism and flatness achievable
The highest component accuracy for flatness, thickness tolerance and parallelism

Not suitable for all component shapes
Suitable for special component shapes


We process work pieces such as fine cutting and stamping, bending and forming parts, turned or milled parts or sintered parts. Steel and Stainless Steel, carbides or non-ferrous metals and ceramics are the materials that can be processed by the Double-sided continuous grinding.

Overview of the accessible component properties with continuous grinding:

Component size Ø10 mm to Ø180 mm
Thickness tolerance 0.01 mm
Flatness tolerance 0.01 mm
Parallelism tolerance 0.01 mm
Roughness tolerance 6 Rz

Product examples for large parts

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