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Definition Brush deburring

Brush deburring surfaces in a continuous process: We offer you a burr-free process and, if necessary radiused workpieces. We can process parts up to a diameter of Ø550 mm or a length of 750 mm.

We remove burrs and fillet edges with an edge radius between 0.005 and 0.250 mm. The roughness of the polished or lapped surfaces can be improved even further through this process until a mirror finish is achieved.

How does Brush deburring work?

The components are processed with our multi-brush deburring equipment using of a variety of high-quality brushes with different bristles with very high precision.

The multi-level nature of our brush deburring systems and the simultaneous use of different brushes offers us the following possibilities in a brush deburring operation:

  • Removing the primary ridge, which is a result of fine cutting or punching
  • Removing the secondary ridge, which can arise when surface grinding or disc grinding
  • Filleting the component edges with a defined edge radius, even within fine components ie. Fine toothed gear
  • Improve the surface roughness with brush polishing up to a high gloss or mirror finish

Brush deburring – Advantages

All working steps can be individually adapted to your needs and requirements. We offer high-quality results for a variety of different materials.

Our systems are suitable for deburring of workpieces made of soft or hardened steel, stainless steel, carbides, sintered metals and for parts made of aluminum, copper or brass, plastic components, sintered graphite and ceramic.

We can process magnetic and non-magnetic parts in our deburring process.
Thanks to continuous process optimization, in addition to a high-precision edge rounding and an economical process, our focus guarantees you a fair pricing.

We are happy to advise you and work out the best solution for your project.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you!

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